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There is a lot written about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and about the secret ways to being number 1 on Google! I am sure that you have received emails from companies promising you a first page Google rank and in some cases being guaranteed the number 1 position. The truth is no one can guarantee you that number 1 spot, so don’t fall for it and hand over your hard earned cash. In some cases the outdated methods these businesses use can actually damage your rankings. At the end of the day the search engines are not stupid, they will eventually see through the underhand techniques and you will pay the price. In fact Google have algorithms that specifically look for some of these techniques.

What makes us different? Well our approach to SEO is much more about how to make your site visible to the search engines and tell them what your site is about rather than trying to con them. Often a customer will tell us that their site doesn’t rank for search term “x” when you check out their site you find that the term “x” is not mentioned anywhere on the site. If you haven’t told the search engine that is what your site is about by mentioning your search term then the search engine wont know it!

Our approach to SEO is only based on “on page” SEO and not off page, this is a much lower risk approach and is likely to get the best results for a limited budget. On page SEO is looking at your content and the way it is laid out rather than trying to gain credibility and page rank through back links to the site. We will also look at performance (page load speed) as this is becoming a more important ranking signal. If you like we have extended on page SEO to cover everything on the domain rather than just the page.

There are limitations to what SEO will achieve which is primarily based on budget when small to medium sized businesses are trying to compete with the big boys. Bear in mind that some of the larger businesses have a full time team of people using highly advanced techniques and carry so much authority that you will never outrank them on major search terms. Take a search term such as “News”, you will be competing with sites such as the BBC and Sky that have such high page rank and authority that you will never out rank them in a fair fight. However as a small or medium sized business you are unlikely to need to rank for such a generic term so you need to take time to think what your potential customers are likely to realistically search for when looking for your products or services. This is called keyword research and is the cornerstone of improving your ranking for realistic search terms. If for instance you are an Italian Restaurant you are likely to find it difficult to rank for that search term, but will find it much easier and probably more profitable to rank as Italian Restaurant  in My Town. All our SEO clients rank well in local search, this is where the effort goes and this is where the return on investment is. Just focusing on this approach has taken many of our clients from 20 – 30 site visits per month from Google to in excess of 400, over 1000% rise in organic traffic.


Can You Guarantee Me First Page On Google?
As we said earlier on this page, no one can guarantee first page on Google, but we will certainly increase your chances of getting there for sensible key phrases. If you want to rank on the first page of Google for very generic search terms in a highly competitive marketplace then this service is not for you. You will need a company with many more resources and very deep pockets!
Will I See Results Quickly?
You may see some very quick gains, but SEO normally takes a long time to produce sustainable results. SEO is a change in culture rather than a quick fix. You will see some gains in a matter of weeks, but it can take several months to see major gains.
I Am Running A Special Offer And Need To Be On The First Page Of Google. How Can I Achieve This?
You can guarantee a first page placement by running an advertising campaign using Pay Per Click (PPC). This is where you will appear at the top of the page with AD next to your listing. The system works by you placing bids for your chosen key phrase. When someone clicks on your listing Google will charge you a fee. When people search for this key phrase Google will display your advert. In general the highest bid gets the top spot, but Google do take things into account such as page quality when ranking adverts. A word of warning, this advertising can get very expensive very quickly, you have to monitor your return on investment very closely to see if it is worth your while.
How Else Can I Get More Traffic To My Site?
It’s not just about getting traffic, it’s about getting qualified traffic and then retaining that traffic. Essentially it’s about a continuous programme of branding and advertising, just the same as you would do in a bricks and mortar business. One of the most successful methods of marketing online is still the humble email so keep building that list!
Is Everything You Do Above Board?
Yes. Everything we do meets with the Google guidelines on site design. There is no point in using ‘black hat’ SEO methods nowadays as quick gains from using these methods are quickly forgotten when your site is blacklisted, sometimes to the point of no recovery.
What Is Responsive Design And How Does It Affect SEO?
Responsive design is ensuring that your site layout adapts to the screen size that it is viewed on and all new sites should be designed this way. Existing sites will need to weigh up the cost against the gains or losses when considering whether to redesign.

More and more people are searching using phones or tablets and Google has recently started using a mobile design algorithm. If your site does not adapt for mobile devices (or present a mobile site) then you will drop within the rankings on mobile searches. This may or may not be important to you depending on how your customers search for you. If you are a restaurant where mobile searches are the main way people find you it is critical. If you are b2b business selling to people sitting at desk top computers in an office then it may have little impact.

Why Is Page Load Speed So Important?
Basically nobody wants to wait for a slow site to load. Users are extremely impatient, if your site loads slowly the user will just go somewhere else! It is also another ranking signal that is rapidly gaining importance. If your page takes more than 2 seconds to load then fix it. Check out the example of what can be done below this box. I won’t always guarantee to get quite such good results, but I can probably improve your page speed significantly.

Before page speed optimisation:

Page Speed Before Optimisation

After page speed optimisation:

After page speed optimisation