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Website Design FAQs

How Long Will It Take To Get My Website?
It normally takes around 1 – 2 weeks to complete a small site and around 2 -3 for a larger one. The time to complete is often dependant on how quickly you can get content to us and the amount of time you require to review and approve the site. If you have very fixed ideas of what you want, have all the content including images available then we can often turn a site around in just a few days.
Do I Have To Host My Site With You?
The simple answer is no. We do however offer competitive hosting packages with one of the UK’s largest and most trusted hosting companies.

There are several options available to you:

  • You can host with us which is the simplest option. We will take care of your domain name, updating it when required and everything else on the server. There are no hidden costs with this option.
  • You can provide your own hosting. There will be a reduction in your ongoing costs if you do this, but not in initial cost as it will incur additional time to load site and access your hosting package. You will then be responsible for keeping your server up to date and renewing your domain name.
Who Owns My Domain Name?
Your domain name will be registered to you so you will always have control over it.
What Are Your Payment Terms?
We normally ask for 50% deposit (non-refundable) before work commences. The balance will be invoiced on completion for payment within 7 days. Unlike others we do not insist on cleared payment before the site goes live, but do reserve the right to suspend the service if payment is not made within our terms. There may be the odd occasion when we will ask for an interim payment, but this is normally on larger sites where a lot of work has been carried out and the project is delayed for reasons beyond our control.

In the extremely unlikely event that we cannot agree on a site design we will release the domain name to you and there will be no further payments due. This has never happened yet.

What Do You Need From Me?
We will need the following information from you:

  • Your ideas on the URL (Domain Name) you would like. We will then check what is available and then give you some choices.
  • Your ideas on what you want the site to look like. Names of similar sites, whether you want a slider (moving images), colours to use, etc.
  • Your content, the words to appear on your site and the images including logos.
  • The email addresses you you would like.
  • The URLs of your social network sites if any.
How Do I Update The Content On My Site?
If your site is designed using a platform called WordPress which is a content management system (CMS) with an intuitive and easy to use admin area, by logging into the admin area you can access the backend of your site where you can change text and images. If you have a full design and hosting package you will have access to our customer area on this site which includes tutorials to show you how to do this and many other things such as a help desk ticket system and a members forum.

Alternatively you can ask us to make changes to your website at a preferential, existing customer rate. We will always try to give you a fixed price for any work you need, but if this is not possible will always give you a best estimate.