Web Development Manager

I have been involved with web design for over 15 years now. Initially getting involved with a website for my own business after being quoted extortionate fees for design, hosting and maintenance in the early days of the internet. Running a struggling small business, but also realising the importance that having a website was becoming I decided to learn how to do it myself.

In these days it was possible to do it all for free using a simple text editor and some free hosting! Maybe if I had seriously looked at the man hours that would be involved in the learning process I might have been better off paying these extortionate fees!

However I, naively, chose the self publishing route and eventually discovered that I could actually do this and even make a contribution to my income by doing it for other people.

So after hours of studying HTML and CSS books I produced my first site and although it was a particularly competitive sector (restaurants) found that I was one of the few in my local city to have a website. Fairly basic as it was I was under the spell of the magic that I had produced and have never looked back. It wasn’t long before I had others approaching me and asking what I could do for them and so the long term dream of being a full time web designer and developer had begun.

15 years on and I am now living the dream and wouldn’t want to do anything else other than being a geek living in front of a computer.